Mission and Vision

Our mission is an initiative to redefining the historical and cultural trading heritage of “Kallai-Kadoth”,once upon a time world’s the largest timber trading zone in the Asia, and to evolve kerala as an international furniture sourcing hub of the Asia- pacific region.
Our vision is striving to upscale the old and new generation technologies that anyone can have access to evolve ideas, services ,products, to foster timely innovation and entrepreneurship, that is appropriate and sustainable. Combining the principles of frugality by empowering micro-small- medium -scale, grassroots level innovators and reach out to create a better everyday life for the many people across the globe with series of furniture products with aesthetic appeal.

Project Highlights

Our Designs


  • At the core of Grass Roots Innovation Design Studio is: Open Studio Space – a worshop that will house conventional and hi-tech equipment. This space will act as a hub where different kinds of people can collaborate on long term as well as short term projects to develop new ideas, troubleshoot and create new products that can be incubated through to the market stage and connect with funding Product Development – using frugal design principles, this space will house the different product development studios that a product needs to go through to become viable and sustainable. Developing selected product ideas that come from grassroots innovators, that solve local and immediate problems that are sustainable and appropriate Capacity-building for Appropriate Innovation – through apprentice programmes, providing innovators with ‘thinking and making’ tools and expertise that can help them to realize their socially and economically relevant ideas. Training is very important if we want a more confident set of young people who are not afraid to try new things and are able to troubleshoot when things go wrong. Outreach & Technology Transfer – using new technologies and materials, that different people like traditional crafts-persons, semi-urban poor, small entrepreneurs, SMEs can use to revive and rejuvenate traditional forms of manufacturing through the use of new technologies and prototyping. Every semester our studio offers projects for students to work on, which they develop through research, ideation and eventual prototyping. Students work collaboratively with the interns and innovators. Along with the design leads are two model makers and four interns who are urban poor youth, who have not been a part of the conventional school system.